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Women’s Bible Studies

Thursdays, 9:30–11:30am, starting September 21
Babysitting available for a fee. After a time of worship together, you will then break out to one of the following three groups:

-----------  The Gospel of Matthew — This Jew, in a despised government job, accepts Jesus’ call to leave his old way of doing things and follow him...we will be challenged to do the same. Matthew highlights many Old Testament prophecies that are fulfilled by Jesus, the promised King and Messiah. His eyewitness account includes long teaching sections, in Jesus’ own words, offering rich insights that we can apply to our daily life. Feel free to join in at any time during the year. Cost: $14 — Leader: Gale Johnson

-----------  Understanding the Old Testament by Shelly Smith — We will consider each of the ten time periods, or stages of His-story, as recorded in the 39 Old Testament books. Our purpose is to see Jesus and begin to feel at home in the Old Testament.  Jesus Christ is revealed from beginning to end. Through end of February. Cost: $5 — Leader: Diane Christensen

-----------  Breathe—making room for sabbath, 5-session DVD series by Priscilla Shirer — With a jam-packed life, what’s missing is space—space for God to speak, room for you to hear. It’s time to set aside the activities and busyness that swallows up rest and peace. It’s time for us to breathe and build margin into our lives for God.
Cost: $10 — Leader: Penny Scott

Thursdays, 7–8:30 pm, starting September 14
At a home near the church.

----------- The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges We love to ‘push’ happiness. Some of us even feel compelled to pursue happiness. The Bible talks more about being holy than being happy. Most of us are not exactly sure what our role in holiness is. The author helps us see clearly what we should rely on God to do, and what we should accept responsibility for ourselves. Meets at a home near the church. Cost: $12
Contact: Betty Barnett at bettycmbarnett@gmail.com or 425-430-0964

Sign up HERE, at the Welcome Center after Sunday service, or by emailing the church HERE.