Bible study aids and reading material

  • E-Sword — E-Sword is the best free Bible study tool available.  Good for word searches and biblical version comparisons.  Easy to download onto a laptop and work offline with it. It’s also a lot faster that online resources.
  • Blue Letter Bible — A good online resource, can do all of what E-Sword does, just not as quickly but with more resources. Blue Letter Bible is excellent for word and phrase study, specifically Greek (it has a cool Greek verb parsing tool). It does have both Strong’s and Vines definitions, as well as others.
  • Logos Bible App — TONS of free resources on there that you can use to integrate your reading with notes, etc.
  • Help Me With Bible Study — An online resource for learning strategies for studying the Bible.
  • Google — It’s just a good search engine for knowing most of a phrase but can’t remember the book it is in.

BIBLE VERSIONS (just recommendations)
  • NASB — Good for both for reading and studying, a more literal word-for-word translation.
  •  ESV —A different version to check out from time to time.

  • Ligonier Ministries — good articles and book recommendations
  • Tabletalk Magazine (by Ligonier) — monthly magazine with articles and good daily devotion
  • The Gospel Coalition — good articles and books and other book recommendations

  • John Macarthur — A very dedicated and faithful instructor, great with the Greek meanings.
  •  Jordan Peterson — A Canadian psychologist who has an incredible understanding of human behavior and author of 12 Rules for Life. (He is a resource for understanding human behavior, not a theological reference.)
  • John Piper — A dedicated and faithful teacher/pastor.
  • Tim Challies — Pastor (reformed), author, blogger, and book reviewer. He just released a series called Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian history

  • The Briefing (by Albert Mohler) — daily news from a Christian worldview
  • Many podcasts by Ligonier Ministries
  • The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast (by J. Warner Wallace)
  • Unbelievable? (by Premier Christian Radio - hosted by Justin Brierley)
  • Theocast — Reformed Theology (by Theocast - Reformed Podcast)
  • Ask Pastor John — a daily podcast of Pastor John Piper or a guest answering a question submitted by listeners.