Coram Deo

May 12, 2024    Elder Dean Tsuchida

Discussion Questions:

1) Mary's act of worship was driven by her intimate relationship with Jesus, which gave her the boldness to express her love extravagantly. She was not concerned with the opinions of others or the cost of her offering. What can we learn from Mary's example about prioritizing our relationship with Jesus and living out our faith with boldness and sacrifice?

2) The disciples knew a lot about Jesus, but they didn't truly know Him on a deep, personal level. This prevented them from understanding and appreciating Mary's act of worship. How can we move beyond simply knowing about Jesus to cultivating a genuine, intimate relationship with Him? What practices or habits can help us grow closer to Christ?

3) Elder Dean highlighted the difference between knowledge (a lamp) and wisdom (using that lamp to light one's path). Wisdom comes from not just hearing God's Word but also putting it into practice. In what areas of your life do you need to move from simply having knowledge about God's will to actively applying it and walking in obedience?

4) The sermon emphasized that a life pleasing to God involves listening to Him and obeying, even when it may look foolish or countercultural to others. Can you share an example of a time when you felt God calling you to do something that didn't make sense from a worldly perspective? How did you respond, and what was the outcome?

5) Elder Dean challenged the congregation to reflect on whether they are willing to fully devote themselves to God, living in His presence each day and being motivated by gospel love. What might it look like for you to live a "Coram Deo" life - one that is entirely given over to God and His purposes? What changes or steps of faith might God be calling you to take?