Building a Community of Believers

Mar 3, 2024    Pastor Jeremy Roh

* We experienced technical difficulties and portions of the video and audio are sped up. We apologize for the inconvenience.

1) In the sermon, there was a reflection on how technology, while beneficial, can foster individualism that contrasts with the communal nature of the church. The church is called to be a space where collective identity in Christ transcends personal preferences and technological influences. How has technology impacted your spiritual life and your sense of community within the church? Discuss ways to balance the benefits of technology with the importance of nurturing real-life, faith-based communities.

2) The sermon highlighted that despite our diverse backgrounds, gifts, and preferences, we are united as one body in Christ. This unity is not based on uniformity but on our shared faith and commitment to follow Jesus. Reflect on a time when you experienced or witnessed the beauty of unity in diversity within your church community. How did it impact your understanding of what it means to be the Body of Christ?

3) It was emphasized that God chooses and places each member in the body of Christ for a specific purpose, underscoring God’s orchestration behind our roles within the church community. Discuss the concept of God placing people in the body and giving them purpose within the church. How do you discern God's purpose for you in your local church community, and how do you embrace the role He has appointed for you?

4) The sermon explored how Christian love is counter-cultural, challenging us to love unconditionally and inclusively, mirroring Jesus's love for us. This love is what unites us and enables us to care for each other effectively within the body of Christ. In what ways does practicing Christian love challenge you personally and within your church community? Share examples of how this love can be actively demonstrated in the church and beyond, especially in contexts where it feels most challenging.