Unity In Christ

Jun 30, 2024

1 True Christian unity is rooted in Christlike selflessness, not in uniformity. This challenges us to consider how we interact with those who are different from us or those we perceive as "weaker." Can you share a time when you had to set aside your own interests or preferences for the sake of unity in your church, family, or community? What challenges did you face, and what did you learn from that experience?

2 Unity in the church should be based on God's Word and character. However, determining what constitutes essential versus non-essential doctrines can sometimes be challenging. How do you personally navigate disagreements on theological or doctrinal issues while maintaining unity? Can you think of a specific instance where you had to balance standing firm in your beliefs with showing love and grace to someone who disagreed?

3 The sermon highlighted that Christian unity embraces diversity, seeing our different cultures, personalities, and gifts as unique expressions of worship to the same Lord. In what ways does your church or small group currently celebrate diversity? Are there areas where you think your community could grow in embracing and valuing differences more fully?

4 The sermon presented a vision of unity that stands in stark contrast to the divisions we often see in our world today. It challenges us to be agents of this Christ-centered unity in our daily lives. Think about the various communities you're part of (work, neighborhood, social circles, etc.). What is one practical step you could take this week to promote Christ-centered unity in one of these areas? What potential obstacles might you face, and how could you overcome them?