David Building the Temple

Jun 23, 2024

Discussion Questions

1. There are parallels between the physical temple David wanted to build and our bodies as living temples of the Holy Spirit. This concept shifts our understanding of worship from a place-centered to a life-encompassing practice. How does understanding yourself as a "living temple" of God change your perspective on daily activities and decisions? In what areas of your life do you find it most challenging to live out this "temple" identity?

2. The concept of humility in worship was emphasized, highlighting that true worship is about God's will, not our preferences. This challenges us to examine our attitudes in church and personal devotion. In what ways might we unknowingly make worship about ourselves rather than God? How can we cultivate a more God-centered approach to worship in our personal lives and church community?

3. Teaching and cultivating genuine gratitude can be challenging, especially in relation to our salvation. This gratitude is meant to be the foundation of our worship and daily life. What practices or reflections have you found helpful in deepening your sense of gratitude towards God? How has this gratitude (or lack thereof) affected your approach to worship and daily Christian living?

4. It is important to have active faith in God's plan, especially when facing challenges or persecution. This faith should impact our actions and attitudes in everyday life. Describe a situation where you had to rely on faith rather than sight. How did this experience shape your understanding of what it means to have "active faith" in God's plan?

5. Modern churches sometimes have a tendency to focus on metrics of success or charismatic leadership rather than God-centered, faith-driven ministry. How can we, as individual believers and as a church community, ensure that we're measuring our "success" by God's standards rather than worldly metrics? What might this look like practically in our context?